Why Tie Wire Matters

Those who know and have used MAR-MAC Industries, Inc.’s products, know that our products aren’t “just” anything. Behind one roll of coil wire is over 65 years of science, innovation, connections, and relationships. And we always strive to improve. The process of making tie wire matters and is what sets us apart from the competition and import wire. Whether that’s … Read More

“Buy America” Steel Requirements Strengthened Through Biden Executive Order

On January 25, 2021, President Biden signed an executive order aimed at strengthening “Buy America” steel requirements for jobs using federal funding.  The new order establishes a Made in America office tasked with increasing the amount the government spends on American made products, while limiting waivers to Buy American policy previously granted to Canada and other nations. You can learn … Read More

Why RodBusters Are Beyond Important

While we could always write an essay (annotations, references, and all) about why rodbusters are important and necessary to any project build involving concrete in the industry, we’re going to make it short and sweet. Concrete is a wonderful material all on its own. It can be made from dirt, stone, gravel, sand, and/or cement depending on the recipe, and … Read More

Spring 2020 RodBuster Letter

Dear RodBuster, Wow!  It feels like the year has just gotten started and that five years of events have been packed into five months.  John wrote a reminder to himself back in 2003 when we were going through some sort of difficulty (we don’t remember exactly what it was): “In business and in life, crisis is the norm.  Calm and … Read More