What Makes a Good Wire Manufacturing Company

Wire manufacturing companies are responsible for producing a wide range of wire products that are used in a variety of industries. These companies ensure the quality, performance, and safety of the products they produce, and those quality and safety standards often start with the wire products they utilize. But what makes a good wire manufacturing company? In this post, we’ll … Read More

Primavera 2023 RodBuster Carta

Primavera 2023 Hola RodBuster, Espero que esté bien. Este año marca el septuagésimo aniversario de MAR-MAC. Como considero este hito, reflexiono sobre el pasado y cómo nuestra empresa llegó aquí. Cuando mi abuelo, JW. Martin, fundó MAR-MAC en 1953, el mundo era muy diferente. Él escribió una carta de la empresa sobre la época en 1996, diciendo: “McBee tenia 3 … Read More

Spring 2023 RodBuster Letter

Spring 2023 Dear RodBuster, I hope that this letter finds you well. This year marks MAR-MAC’s 70th anniversary. As I reflect on this milestone, I found myself reflecting on the past and how the company got to where we are today.When my grandfather, J.W. Martin, co-founded MAR-MAC in 1953, the world was a very different place. He reflected on this … Read More

Why Tie Wire Matters

Those who know and have used MAR-MAC Industries, Inc.’s products, know that our products aren’t “just” anything. Behind one roll of coil wire is over 65 years of science, innovation, connections, and relationships. And we always strive to improve. The process of making tie wire matters and is what sets us apart from the competition and import wire. Whether that’s … Read More