“Buy America” Steel Requirements Strengthened Through Biden Executive Order

On January 25, 2021, President Biden signed an executive order aimed at strengthening “Buy America” steel requirements for jobs using federal funding.  The new order establishes a Made in America office tasked with increasing the amount the government spends on American made products, while limiting waivers to Buy American policy previously granted to Canada and other nations. You can learn … Read More

Why RodBusters Are Beyond Important

While we could always write an essay (annotations, references, and all) about why rodbusters are important and necessary to any project build involving concrete in the industry, we’re going to make it short and sweet. Concrete is a wonderful material all on its own. It can be made from dirt, stone, gravel, sand, and/or cement depending on the recipe, and … Read More

Spring 2020 RodBuster Letter

Dear RodBuster, Wow!  It feels like the year has just gotten started and that five years of events have been packed into five months.  John wrote a reminder to himself back in 2003 when we were going through some sort of difficulty (we don’t remember exactly what it was): “In business and in life, crisis is the norm.  Calm and … Read More

Photo Submission Guidelines

RodBusters! We here at MAR-MAC love all the things you RodBusters do, and what better way to document than pictures? We want photos of you on the job bustin’ rods, enjoying MAR-MAC product, or anything RodBuster related.  If you have a photographic eye and would like to enter your photos for a possibility of appearing on our social media and/or … Read More

Tariff Update and Impact on Steel and Building Products

This article is an update to one from June 1, 2018 titled “Impact on Steel Markets & Products of Trump Administration Trade actions”. You can read that memo here: https://marmacinc.com/impact-on-steel-markets-products-of-trump-administration-trade-actions/ Following U.S. trade policy over the course of the past 18 months has been difficult. Media reports are often speculative, sensational, and sometimes don’t provide the entire story. Interpreting government … Read More

“Buy America” Steel Requirements Increases Through Trump Executive Order

On July 15, 2019, President Trump signed an executive order to increase “Buy American” steel requirements for jobs using federal funding.  Previous “Buy American” regulations required that 50% of the steel and iron used in federal contracts be sourced from US producers.  The new order increases that requirement from 50% to 95%. You can learn more about this executive order … Read More

Water Infrastructure Bill Gives 5 Year Extension to “Buy America”

President Trump signed a water infrastructure bill on 10/23/18 that includes a provision to extend the Buy America mandate for an additional five years. The mandate requires federally funded water-infrastructure projects use America-made iron and steel.  You can learn more about the signed infrastructure bill and its impact here: https://www.amm.com/Article/3832954/Water-infrastructure-pact-extends-Buy-America.html  (may require AMM subscription to access) MAR-MAC PREMIUM Tie Wire … Read More

Impact on Steel Markets & Products of Trump Administration Trade Actions

Media reports have created more confusion than clarity around tariffs and effects on costs in the market for steel mill and downstream products. I offer this memo as an attempt at a brief summary to add clarity. It’s not exhaustive and I’m not putting myself forth as an authority on trade policy or politics. I’m not a trade attorney and … Read More

Effects of Recently Announced Section 232 Tariffs on Imported Steel Products

Effects of Recently Announced Section 232 Tariffs on Imported Steel Products DISCLAIMER: MAR-MAC is a manufacturer and distributor of building products for the reinforced concrete construction industry. MAR-MAC IS NOT A LAW FIRM. What follows is NOT LEGAL ADVICE. President Trump signed a proclamation on Thursday, March 8th to impose a 25% tariff on imported steel products as a result … Read More

Court affirms rebar tie wire must be Buy America certified

Case brought by Nucor, United Steelworkers Union, others Buy America requires that federally funded transportation projects use steel and iron produced in the U.S. American Metal Market: Buy America ruling brings cheer to iron, steel (only subscribers get full article) On December 21, 2015, the U.S. District Court of the District of Columbia ruled that rebar tie wire and other … Read More