Spring 2024 RodBuster Letter

Dear RodBuster,

Spring is already around the corner, and we hope there’s as much growth going on in the rod patch as there has been at MAR-MAC!

Our dedication in providing you with the best wire products possible continues to drive us forward. In the past year, and continuing into this one, we’ve expanded our manufacturing capabilities with a new extrusion line to produce more of our Gold and Sharkskin plastic coated tie wire. While perhaps not as thrilling or exciting to you, but still relevant, is another machine addition that allows us to produce straightened and cut wire to variable lengths. This will allow us to cater to your specific needs whether for reinforcement or other tying applications.

Most exciting, is the progress on our biggest project to date, adding a new furnace to our annealing department! Newer technology will allow us to cycle product out quicker and allow us to produce an even cleaner product. It was also exciting for us to be able to tie rebar on site with our own tie wire. The slab for the atmospheric gas tank was poured in December of 2023, and we’re anticipating arrival of the furnace later this spring.

For those who want to rock – or tie – in style this spring, this spring’s t-shirt is for you. Inspired by classic band t-shirts, this will be available in black and safety orange. The limited edition sticker was yet again inspired by a previous sticker design which you can see here.

But enough about us – I want to know what’s going on with you! How is recruitment going? What kind of projects have been keeping you busy? What kind of wire have you been using for rebar lately?

I always enjoy getting messages on social media from you, calls, or emails, but also welcome actual letters as well. You can send them to the return address on the envelope.

John Martin, our CEO and my dad, has always loved getting calls from you to tell him the latest and greatest news in your world. And you can always call me as well, both of our mobile numbers are listed below. For immediate assistance with RodBuster needs, please call Lauren at 843-407-3934.


Jarrett Martin
President, MAR-MAC Industries, Inc.

John Martin
CEO, MAR-MAC Industries, Inc.

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