Plastic Coated Gold Rebar Tie Wire

When the scope of the work demands exceptional quality and expertise, MAR-MAC PREMIUM Tie Wire is the first choice for placing professionals.

MAR-MAC Plastic Gold Tie Wire


• Drawn, annealed, coiled, and packaged in the USA

• Meets “Buy American” and “Buy America” Standards

• Conforms to ASTM A853 specifications

• Produced using C1006 or C1008 grade of steel

• Dead-soft annealed

• Coated with a bonded High-Density Polyethylene (thickness is 7 mils +/-2)

• Packaged in 3 lb. coils, 20 coils per box, 60 lbs. per carton, 48 boxes per pallet

• Comes in 16 and 16.5 gauge

• Also known as: ty-wire, rebar tie wire, coil wire
MAR-MAC Plastic Gold Tie Wire
MAR-MAC PREMIUM Gold Tie Wire is manufactured to create a strong, consistent bond between the plastic coating and the core steel wire. This process resists slipping when pulled on with pliers, which prevents the loss of tie wire, reduces the need for re-ties, and helps minimize fatigue.