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Our products are not the most visible on the job site. Although you can’t see it, MAR-MAC PREMIUM Tie Wire went into Yankee Stadium. Don’t worry, Red Sox fans. We have a legacy in Boston construction and across the country. Ever heard of the Big Dig? We actually consider ourselves neutral on the whole Yankee / Red Sox thing. Boston just seems to stick with a ballpark longer than most. We’ve been around a long time but Fenway has us beat by about 40 years. MAR-MAC Building Products have been on the jobsite for decades. MAR-MAC PREMIUM is our domestically manufactured line of building products for concrete construction. Our CONTRACTOR line is a more recent introduction. CONTRACTOR products are sourced as economically as possible without sacrificing quality to help you get the job done on time and on budget.  MAR-MAC Building Products are not the most noticeable or the most glamorous, but the job couldn’t get done without them. Over the years, our products contributed to some of America’s most recognizable structures including Citi Field, Met Life Stadium at the Meadowlands, and the Freedom Towers in Manhattan. From Project Delta – the new Exxon Mobil corporate headquarters in Houston – to the Ravenel Bridge in Charleston, South Carolina you can find construction professionals depending on MAR-MAC products.
We certainly get a kick out of our small contribution to these big name projects, but we take as much pride in jobs that get far less attention. Offices, parking garages, and apartments – the buildings so many people depend on to work, live, and play. Power plants, interstates, and runways – the infrastructure that powers the American economy. We also have an enormous appreciation for the construction professionals like the RodBuster who make these projects happen and then go home to their families with pride in a hard day’s work and a job well done.

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With over 65 years in the industry, we have the knowledge and resources to help reduce materials cost while focusing on quality products that perform best in the field so you get fewer returns and less complaints in the field.

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Our PREMIUM Building Products are the real deal. They’re made in America of 100 percent USA melted steel, and they’re certified for jobs that require you to “Buy American.” We’re proud of what we make, and we stand behind our PREMIUM Building Products.

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Tools and Accessories

There is a difference in MAR-MAC’s Tools & Accessories. It’s a difference forged from over 65 years of doing things with dedication to a code that includes innovation, an intense focus on quality and exceptional, personalized service.

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For more a more in depth listing of products we offer, you can look at our catalog below. It contains product specifications, photos, part numbers, product packaging, and more.
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Hidden In Plain Sight

The key to our support of these jobs and the construction professionals who complete them is a commitment to quality combined with decades of experience in the industry. We realize that the products we supply have to work as intended or productivity suffers. There is nothing more frustrating than a tangle-prone roll of tie wire or a box of nail stakes that seem to collapse or mushroom at the first strike of the hammer. Beyond the immediate frustration of the user is the foreman’s frustration over lost time and the material manager’s frustration with scrapped and wasted product. While incremental, these costs can snowball and ultimately affect profitability at the contractor level.

In today’s ultra-competitive construction market, productivity and profitability are the keys to success. Purchasing agents are pressured to save nickels and then no one notices that dollars are thrown away when product fails in the field. MAR-MAC’s knowledgeable sales and service staff can ask the right questions to help you find the right product to balance the demands of the job with the demands on the bottom line.

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