Speedwire Tie Wire

When the scope of the work demands exceptional quality and expertise, MAR-MAC PREMIUM Tie Wire is the first choice for placing professionals.

MAR-MAC Premium Speedwire Tie Wire


• Drawn, annealed, coiled, and packaged in the USA

• Meets “Buy American” and “Buy America” Standards

• Conforms to ASTM A853 specifications

• Produced using C1006 or C1008 grade of steel

• Dead-soft annealed

• Packaged in 3.5 lb. coils, 20 coils per box, 70 lbs. per carton, 48 boxes per pallet

• 1 box per 8 tons of rebar

• Comes in 16.5 gauge

• Also known as: ty-wire, rebar tie wire, coil wire
With 16% more feet per roll, MAR-MAC Speedwire is the preferred annealed wire choice for users wanting to minimize reel reloads and maximize uptime of the jobsite.