Plastic Coated Industrial Wire

Whether you are on the job site, in the fab yard, at the baling machine, or at the mill, chances are that black-annealed wire is there too.

Plastic Coated Industrial Wire


DIAMETER CAPABILITY: 0.048″ – 0.148″

AVAILABLE COATINGS: HDPE (ask about custom coatings)

PACKAGING: tubular “stumps” or “stems”

USES: construction products; manufacturing

Carbon steel grades of 1006-1040

Manufactured and Made in the U.S.A.
Plastic Coated Industrial Wire
Coated wire applications exist in many forms and many industries. MAR-MAC Industries Inc. employs an HDPE extrusion process to craft plastic coated wire primarily for construction products and other, more unique customer manufacturing applications.

MAR-MAC experts know how to assess any situation and ask the right questions that will translate your needs into specific and superior product performance. This means reduced time and effort for you because we are there with you every step of the way.

MAR-MAC Plastic Coated Industrial Wire is crafted to exacting tolerances through a comprehensive quality control system. And since all wire is drawn and annealed in our own plant, MAR-MAC can custom manufacture each order to meet your precise specifications.