Stainless Steel Bar Ties

Whether you need your bar ties to perform faster and easier, a cleaner wire, non-magnetic ties, or corrosive resistant ties we have the Bar Ties for you.



• Drawn, annealed, coiled, and packaged in the USA

• Meets “Buy American” and “Buy America” Standards

• Conforms to ASTM A555 specifications

• Produced using 304 or 316 grade of steel

• Dead-soft annealed

• Packaged in poly-fiber bags and sometimes boxes. Supplied in 5,000 count bundles, 2,500 count bundles, 4x 1,000 count bundles, and 5x 1,000 count bundles.

• Comes in 14, 16, and 18 gauge

• Also known as: loop ties, double ties, pig tails, bar ties

MAR-MAC Stainless Steel Bar Ties
Specifically manufactured for highly corrosive environments or projects that require the use of non-magnetic products. MAR-MAC PREMIUM Stainless Steel Bar Ties protect the integrity of the product during the placing process and prevents corrosion of the rebar so the life of the structure is extended.