MAR-MAC Tools and Accessories

There is a difference in MAR-MAC’s Tools & Accessories. It’s a difference forged from over 60 years of doing things with dedication to a code that includes innovation, an intense focus on quality and exceptional, personalized service. It includes not just making what we believe to be a superior line of Tools & Accessories but also doing all we can to ensure they’ll be the tools and accessories you can count on to be exactly what you want and exactly what the job needs to be done better. Always.

Interested in Our Tools?

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Manual Bar Twister
Manual Bar Tie Twister,
At last a fast and efficient method for perfectly twisted wire ties every time. With its easy to grip, smooth wood handle MAR-MAC’s Manual Bar Tie Twister is fast and easy to operate so it reduces the typical stress and improves productivity.
Ratchet Bar Tie Twister
Ratchet Bar Tie Twister
Looking for a fast and efficient method for perfectly twisted bar ties every time? MAR-MAC’s Ratchet Bar Tie Twister is exactly what you need. Designed with a spring- return rubberized handle that reduces user effort, it delivers maximum pull strength with minimum effort. Plus the fitted grip minimizes slipping of the hand to give you the ultimate in protection.
Quick Draw Holster
QuickDraw Holster
Unlike other holsters, MAR-MAC’s Quick Draw Holster hangs low like a revolver holster. Designed with five pockets and two snap hooks, the holster will hold two keel holders, a pair of dikes, a stick rule (or extra pliers) and has an angled holster for number nines. The Quick Draw Holster is designed for RodBusters and made in the USA.
Quick Draw Reeel
Quick Draw Reel
MAR-MAC INC. has an answer for the lost time and aggravation from the conventional tie wire reels you’ve been using for years. The Quick Draw Reel features a faceplate that comes off when you need it to and stays put when you don’t. It has a positive self-locking action made of quality stainless steel parts that reduces tangling and loss of wire rolls by eliminating the unexpected loss of the faceplate. It is designed for fast, consistent reloads to reduce down time and is made in the USA.
The MAR-MAC Quick Draw Reel weighs 2.3 pounds and is designed for use with MAR-MAC PREMIUM Tie Wire. Call to order your Quick Draw Reel so you can enjoy working with a reel that will help make your job a lot easier!