Since 1953, MAR-MAC Industries, Inc. has been on the job at many of the world’s most recognizable construction projects. We’re thrilled to be on the big jobs of course, but we’re just as proud to be on the jobs that don’t get much attention—like the buildings where we work, the runways where we land, and the roads that take us home every day.

In addition to being the manufacturer and supplier of industry-leading MAR-MAC PREMIUM Building Products, we also offer CONTRACTOR Concrete Construction Products, MAR-MAC Industrial Wire, and a complimentary line of tools and accessories for the construction and iron-working industries.

Only MAR-MAC offers a comprehensive approach backed by the highest quality products, superior customer care and more than 65 years of deep industry expertise. We help our customers grow their business with greater efficiencies, reduced overall costs, and satisfied end-users. That’s why MAR-MAC is the first choice for construction professionals, and why contractors ask for us by name.

Our History

The Mar-Mac Manufacturing Company was established in McBee, South Carolina in 1953. That same year, Eisenhower was inaugurated, the frozen TV dinner was invented, and the average new car sold for $1,650.

J.W. Martin, Jr. and John S. McLeod, Sr. started the business and named it after themselves – the “Mar” from Martin and the “Mac” from McLeod. They set up shop in the old corner drug store building at the intersection of Highway 151 and the railroad. The company was proud to install the third telephone line in town. It was assigned the number “7”. That was it – just “7”.

Martin and McLeod staked their future on the diaper business – but not THAT kind of diaper. The company’s first product was a “pipe diaper” — a device used to seal joints when assembling concrete pipe. Constructed from a length of cotton cloth hemmed on each edge, the diaper was secured around the joint with wire run through each hem. It was then filled with grout to seal the joint. After the grout dried, the diaper could be easily removed to allow for visual inspection of the joint.

This simple product proved to be the foundation for more than 65 years of growth. The pipe diaper’s two components – wire and sewn cloth – formed the basis for the company’s future operating divisions, Sewing and Wire.

In 1990 the Martin and McLeod families amicably split the business along these lines. Visitors still arrive for appointments at the wrong Mar-Mac, and are cheerfully redirected.

Today, the former Wire Division is now MAR-MAC Industries Inc., and still a family-held, family-run company.