Plastic Coated Merchant Coils

When you're bundling rebar on the job site or tying items in the fab yard, you need quality wire that's strong and easy to handle, every time.



• Certified “Buy American” by request at time of order

• Produced using C1006 or C1008 grade of steel

• Dead-soft annealed

• Coated with a bonded High-Density Polyethylene

• 50 and 100 lb. catch weights

• Comes in a multitude of gauges: 9, 11, 12, 14, 16, 18

• Also known as: big tie wire, #9 wire

By protecting the integrity of the epoxy coating during the bundling process, you’ll prevent corrosion of the rebar during placing and during the overall life of the structure. The core wire of MAR-MAC PREMIUM Plastic Coated Merchant Coils is made of an annealed wire so you can increase efficiency on the job site and make your workers happy with less exhaustion.