Fall 2023 RodBuster Letter

Dear RodBuster,

Time flies!  It is hard to believe the year is already coming to a close.  We hope that you and your family are well. 

Since our last letter, we had the privilege of sending Tom Porcelli and Adam Schwery, two of our sales managers, to the International Ironworkers Festival in Mackinaw City, MI.  This year the festival celebrated its 40th anniversary! This festival brings some of the best ironworkers across the U.S. and Canada to compete in events like rod tying and the column climb. For the rod tying competition this year Todd Foreman won first place with Larry Roughton and his son, Deavaihn Roughton winning second and third. Old timer rod winners include Al Staley, Bob Hunt, and Gene Cattani.

Recently, we were reading the August 2023 issue of “The Ironworker” and came across a section titled “Reinforcing Ironworkers in High Demand.” Some of the projects in those articles had tons of MAR-MAC wire put into them. A lot of the rodbusters tying for these projects had MAR-MAC stickers and reels. We hope that as the generations shift in and out of the workforce that we see a rush of younger workers filling out the industry.

There are a lot of government-funded projects getting started. Federal projects are required to abide by Buy American requirements, to use products that have been manufactured with American steel made in the USA. Even if you’re not on a federal project with those requirements, we encourage you to ask for “Buy American” certified products to help protect American jobs and to reinforce the American economy. 

The t-shirt design we’re doing this fall is a bit different from our usual designs.  As you recall from our letter this spring, we are celebrating our 70th anniversary and it felt an appropriate time to do a throwback style design. We’ll be interested to hear what you think of it. 

Speaking of throwbacks, our sticker design for this letter is an “oldie but a goody”. This is a reprint of a design we first did back in 2007 and it ranked #1 on a poll we did on our social media months back.  A lot of you have let us know how much you enjoy us bringing back these older designs from the past that you may have missed out on the first time around.

As always, feel free to call or email. We are always happy to talk to you and we’ve included our mobile below. For RodBuster needs please call Lauren at 843-407-3934 or Jocelyne for Spanish at 843-418-0589.


Jarrett Martin
President, MAR-MAC Industries, Inc.

John Martin
CEO, MAR-MAC Industries, Inc.

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