Black Annealed Industrial Wire

Whether you are on the job site, in the fab yard, at the baling machine, or at the mill, chances are that black-annealed wire is there too.

Black Annealed Industrial Wire


DIAMETER CAPABILITY: 0.035” – 0.500”

PACKAGING: tubular “stumps” or “stems”

USES: construction products fabrication; baling bundling applications, re-drawing, fabrication

Carbon steel grades of 1006-1040

Manufactured and Made in the U.S.A.
Black Annealed Industrial Wire
Black annealed wire is one of those workhorse products of American industry. Whether you are on the jobsite, in the fab yard, at the baling machine or at the mill, chances are that black-annealed industrial wire is there too. It might be securing equipment or bundles or bales. It may be integral to a production process – coating or painting or plating. Black annealed wire is a product that goes almost completely unappreciated and unnoticed – until it doesn’t work as expected. Then production stops. Productivity crumbles. Supervisors start logging downtime. Industrial engineers pull out their efficiency charts. Costs climb from pennies to dimes to quarters then dollars. In today’s hypercompetitive marketplace, performance matters.

You can count on MAR-MAC Black Annealed Industrial Wire to perform. Whether you have a standard application that’s run for years or a new and unique need that demands specific attributes or you are not quite sure what you need, the experienced professionals at MAR-MAC Industries Inc. can ask the right questions to find the right balance between product performance and cost.

MAR-MAC Black Annealed Industrial Wire is drawn and annealed at our integrated manufacturing facility in McBee, South Carolina and can be custom manufactured to specific customer orders.Input your text here! The text element is intended for longform copy that could potentially include multiple paragraphs.