Spring 2023 RodBuster Letter

Spring 2023

Dear RodBuster,

I hope that this letter finds you well. This year marks MAR-MAC’s 70th anniversary. As I reflect on this milestone, I found myself reflecting on the past and how the company got to where we are today.
When my grandfather, J.W. Martin, co-founded MAR-MAC in 1953, the world was a very different place. He reflected on this in a company letter in 1996, writing:

“McBee had three telephones, one of which was ours. Our number was 7 – nothing else – just 7. Elvis had not yet made a recording. Frozen TV dinners and the plastic worm fish bait were introduced. Only a few homes had television, and all were black and white. The terminal at the Atlanta airport was a refurbished WWII airplane hangar. Locally owned motels charged four dollars per night and Holiday Inn was six dollars.”

Now we have supercomputers that can fit in our pockets and act as a technological Swiss Army knife. You don’t have to carry cash on you, and can pay for something using a piece of plastic or a string of numbers. We’ve experienced tragedies and extreme loss of life: the Vietnam War, 9/11, a pandemic. Civil rights have had a huge leap in advancement. We’ve been to the moon and back (six times!) And, a little something called the internet has cropped up and taken over our lives, for better or worse.

So many things have changed within the past seventy years that a pause and step back is almost mandatory.

But there are many things that have stayed the same. MAR-MAC is still headquartered in McBee, South Carolina. The company is still family owned and operated, proudly manufacturing products in the United States.

When my father, John Martin, first started writing to RodBusters directly in 1991, he did not know how you all would respond. He was blown away by your positive response and support at the time. I myself continue to be blown away by your support and have been honored to continue the tradition of writing to you all over the years.

I hope that you enjoy this year’s t-shirt design and hard hat sticker celebrating MAR-MAC’s 70th anniversary. Also included is a special throwback to our second ever shirt design. This design was drawn in the 90s by my mother, Mary Jane Martin, and called Bust’n Rods. Mary Jane has continued to make art over the years, some of which adorns that halls of our offices at MAR-MAC.

I love hearing from you all on our social media. If you want to keep up with us to see company news or new product information give us a follow!

As always, feel free to call or email us as well. My dad is always happy to talk to you and I’ve included his mobile below. For RodBuster needs please call Lauren at 843-407-3934 or Jocelyne for Spanish at 843-418-0589.


Jarrett Martin
President, MAR-MAC Industries, Inc.

John Martin
CEO, MAR-MAC Industries, Inc.

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