Spring 2020 RodBuster Letter

Dear RodBuster,

Wow!  It feels like the year has just gotten started and that five years of events have been packed into five months.  John wrote a reminder to himself back in 2003 when we were going through some sort of difficulty (we don’t remember exactly what it was):

“In business and in life, crisis is the norm.  Calm and order is not.  Periods when all is well, and there are few problems, are the exception.”

John doesn’t claim to be a prophet, but we realize those words may be more true today than in 2003. We realize that our founders (John’s father and uncle) dealt with many issues and problems after starting MAR-MAC in 1953, and that Jarrett (John’s son) will deal with in the future. 

In our recent history, MAR-MAC has purchased and successfully installed a new software system to run our operations.  We have been dealing with tariffs and foreign competition.  Like you, we have dealt with the corona virus threat.  Our main priorities have been to keep the plant running in order to serve our customers, keep our team employed, and protect them from infection as best we can. Just when one might think that nothing more could happen, we are witnessing a wave of social unrest and disorder born of a desire for change. 

How are we dealing with this all? Probably like many of you; one day at a time, but trying to look ahead and plan as well as we can, given our inability to predict the future.  We are trying to communicate well by talking to you, our employees, our customers, and all the other stakeholders like our bankers and suppliers.   We cannot help but realize that much of the transition that MAR-MAC has experienced has been parallel to and interrelated to all the changes that have happened in the rebar placement and other construction fields.  A picture that I am sure each of you are familiar with is the one of ironworkers sitting on a beam suspended over the New York skyline, eating their lunch with no sign of any protective equipment or precautions.  How you work and operate today, compared to that picture, gives a good picture of how our world has evolved. This country and our industries will continue to evolve and we have confidence that both will emerge better and stronger, as they have from previous times of sweeping change.

As we navigate this period, MAR-MAC plans to continue doing the following things:

  1. Listening to you and our distributor customers that serve you.
  2. Listening to our employees and the things they are dealing with in the current situation.
  3. Cleaning, sanitizing, social distancing, and accommodating our employees to keep them safe.
  4. Manufacturing 100% made in the USA rebar tie wire and other products from 100% melted and made in the USA steel.
  5. Shipping high quality wire and wire products to our customers on time and when they need it.
  6. Attempting to run our business and our lives in a way the is pleasing to God.

As always, feel free to give us a call if you’ve got something to say. You can reach me (John) on my mobile at 843-812-7676 or Jarrett on his mobile at 803-269-7807. Follow MAR-MAC on Instagram or Facebook.  Check out the new shirt design at our online store here. God bless you and your family!


John Martin

Jarrett Martin

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  1. Thank you you guys make the best products a rodbuster would need , you are highly appreciated good bless you and all your family.

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