Why RodBusters Are Beyond Important

construction site with crane

While we could always write an essay (annotations, references, and all) about why rodbusters are important and necessary to any project build involving concrete in the industry, we’re going to make it short and sweet.

Concrete is a wonderful material all on its own. It can be made from dirt, stone, gravel, sand, and/or cement depending on the recipe, and then you throw some water in there (with precision) and it becomes concrete.

Concrete is kind of like a toddler, however, in that it doesn’t respond well to force and if any cracks appear it crumbles under the stress. So like loving parents, rebar is there to give concrete the support it needs to ensure that when cracks do happen, because they will, that the tension in the rebar keeps the structure from failing. 

concrete displaying crack
Display of concrete cracking. Can crack naturally from the elements, mixing, forces from the earth like earthquakes, or improper application and engineering.

Rebar doesn’t just get into the concrete on it’s own, though. It needs to be laid down and tied, preferably and only by rodbusters and with tie wire from MAR-MAC or other reputable companies. So, rodbusters reinforce the rebar that reinforces the concrete, leading to structure success! 

But on top of that they also lift the rebar and pack the rebar and a myriad of other back breaking things contributing to reinforcing, so it’s needless to say that without those rodbusters working their butts off everyday whether they’re man or woman, apprentice or journeyman, Union or Non-Union, the structures that we use and depend on in our lives would fail.

And that would really not be good.

So, the next time you see a rodbuster on your daily commute to work be sure to give them a wave!

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