We’ve Changed Our Look

New website, logo, and name

We would like to share with you some things that are changing at MAR-MAC and tell you about some things that are not.

What’s Changing?

Let’s start with the website. We have launched a new web presence designed to provide you with more information about MAR-MAC’s capabilities, products, and resources. Check it out at www.marmacinc.com.

You will notice that we have adopted a new look as well. Most obvious is a new logo. We have maintained the well-known MAR-MAC Diamond silhouette but made some updates.

Less obvious is that we have changed our name. We are now MAR-MAC INC. instead of Mar-Mac Wire, Inc. We have been more than just wire for a quite some time now.

What’s Not Changing?

First, our focus on quality and product performance has not changed. Our products perform as designed and expected to maximize productivity and efficiency on the job site, in the fab yard, and on the manufacturing floor.

Second, we will always strive to provide a superior customer care experience. We want to make it easy for you to work with MAR-MAC by understanding your business and better gauging your needs.

Lastly, the people you know and trust at MAR-MAC are not changing either. We have a wealth of knowledge and a depth of experience. We will continue to put that to work helping our customers’ grow their businesses.

So don’t be surprised when you begin to see the new look show up on packaging and literature. And don’t be surprised to get the solid, dependable experience you have come to expect when doing business with MAR-MAC INC.

A family-owned and operated manufacturer and distributor of building products and industrial wire, MAR-MAC INC. has been serving customers across America for more than 60 years. For more information, please visit us online at www.marmacinc.com.