Photo Submission Guidelines


We here at MAR-MAC love all the things you RodBusters do, and what better way to document than pictures? We want photos of you on the job bustin’ rods, enjoying MAR-MAC product, or anything RodBuster related. 

If you have a photographic eye and would like to enter your photos for a possibility of appearing on our social media and/or winning a shirt just follow the guidelines below. There is a chance for multiple winners to be picked, so send those photos in! We’re excited for you to share a part of yourselves with us. 

You can submit your photos to

Do Send:

  • JPEG, TIFF files
  • For mobile images, the highest resolution possible
  • For DSLR photographers, a RAW file would be preferable

Don’t Send:

  • Poor quality photos
  • Inappropriate or lewd content
  • Photos with filters
  • A lot of selfies


Your content must not contain third party intellectual property, such as your son’s Marvel lunchbox he so lovingly gave you.

All individuals in the photo must be named or have their permission granted to use the photo.

We are not claiming ownership of your photo, but you give us express permission to license it. This means we can host, use, distribute, modify, run, copy, or display the photos you have given us royalty-free.

By sending in your photographs you are agreeing to everything mentioned above.

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